Antimalarial drug resistance remains a key public health challenge for health workers, policy-makers and researchers. We know that many countries have insufficient clinical trial data and funding to reveal the full picture of how effectively different antimalarial medicines are curing patients.

The WWARN Explorer is a tool that can help identify this information gap.  You can click on an interactive map that allows you to visualise results of trial data from antimalarial resistance studies.

The Explorer

  • Links WWARN repository of standardised data into an mapping application
  • Displays data from an estimated 177 clinical studies, 103 molecular studies, 19 pharmacology studies, and 29 countries with in vitro data.
  • Data analyses are based on standardised individual sample data, thus enabling outputs from different studies across the world to be compared with greater confidence than is possible when comparisons are based on aggregated results from publications
  • You can perform custom queries of a large number of studies and visualise summary results
  • You can filter results by type of study, country, time range and antimalarial drug(s)

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