The WWARN Network has a Board who oversees our strategic activities, a Scientific Advisory Committee that supports the scientific pursuits of the Scientific Groups and a Secretariat that manages the coordination of the network.

Who we are:

  • The Board - Board members are drawn from malaria endemic regions, academia and the public health sector. They are selected based on their international standing and expertise. The Board oversees WWARN’s activities as set out with advice from the Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) - The Scientific Advisory Committee enriches and informs the work of WWARN by providing independent scientific expertise, guidance and support to the Management Team and the Board.
  • Secretariat - The Secretariat is comprised of the Management Team who work in conjunction with Scientific Groups, Regional Centres and Informatics to manage the diverse activities of the Network, taking responsibility for project management, advocacy, communications, administration and finances.

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