We have a collection of literature reviews which provide a valuable resource for researchers as they develop their clinical study programme. These reviews are a valuable reference tool for researchers to identify gaps in data and information, consider publication trends over time, consider the different study approaches and identify relevant clinical studies which might contribute trial patient results for further pooled analyses (see WWARN study groups).

WWARN Publication Library Clinical Trials 1960-2013 - a series of analyses from a comprehensive compilation of all antimalarial clinical efficacy trials conducted and published since 1960. These clinical studies were identified using a standardised methodology; key information was extracted from all papers for which the full publication was available.

ACT & Parasite Clearance Review - a detailed summary of all published studies using an artemisinin regimen for uncomplicated falciparum malaria published between January 2000 and December 2011. Clinical trial maps display where published trials were held in individual site locations.  The results highlight the normal distribution of early parasitological responses, and the significance of the diversity and differences in study design, the complexity of interactions between human host and malaria parasite and how these impact on the ongoign surveillance of resistance

Primaquine Review - this review demonstrates the diversity of methodologies that have been used for anti-relapse clinical trials for the parasite P.vivax. It summarises the results for primaquine efficacy for different treatment approaches across different malaria settings and epidemiological contexts.

Chloroquine resistant plasmodium vivax review - this review highlights the different methodologies that have been used to quantify therapeutic efficacy for the antimalarial chloroquine used to treat P.vivax malaria. It provides a summary of the location and evidence for reduced P. vivax susceptibility to chloroquine. 

Pharmacology Publication Database provides a comprehensive compilation of all antimalarial pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics studies conducted and published since 1934. The database collates studies and reported results from malaria patients and healthy volunteers where samples were taken of drug compounds for analysis, providing a detailed summary of all available antimalarial pharmacology parameters.