Poor quality antimalarials are a serious public health threat for vulnerable populations and jeopardise the fragile progress made in the fight against malaria. One of the challenges to managing the control of substandard or falsified drugs is the lack of accessible and reliable information available.

To address this critical gap, WWARN launched the Antimalarial Quality Surveyor to support the efforts of national and international organisations working to provide malaria patients with quality-assured, effective medicines.

The Antimalarial Quality Surveyor:

  • Online tool that maps and tabulates published reports about the quality of antimalarial medicines – the first open access, independent, global repository and map of its kind
  • Can customise summaries of antimalarial quality reports describing the quality of malaria medicines, techniques, assays and sampling – over time and by location
  • Study data can be filtered and mapped according to medicine, report type, collection type, medicine source, and quality classification

Explore the Antimalarial Quality Surveyor and find out more about the global extent of poor quality antimalarials.