WWARN has developed a broad range of partnerships with private industries, disease control programmes, academia, research institutions and non-governmental organisations. We strive to foster equitable and sustainable collaborations with researchers in malaria endemic countries to tackle the challenge of antimalarial resistance in a collaborative manner, and thus contribute to the global effort to eliminate and eventually eradicate malaria.

How can you get involved?

WWARN invites scientists and clinical investigators working in malaria research and also other neglected tropical diseases to get involved in our activities. You can join one of our many study groups, share your data, suggest how we can improve our tools and tracking resistance platforms and to improve the evidence base available to the public health community.

Reasons to get involved?

Only by working together to share knowledge and resources, can we help to better understand and prevent the spread of antimalarial drug resistance. If we can combine and compare data from different studies and locations, we will all benefit from a better understanding of the factors affecting drug resistance.

If you join a Study Group, the pooled data analysis will enable us to share expertise and identify subtle trends or sub-population effects with higher statistical certainty.

The combination of our collaborative in-depth analysis and your data can inform malaria policies, and provide important evidence to support international and national malaria control and containment measures.

Find out how you can get involved.