WWARN provides tools and services that support researchers working in malaria endemic countries. Our goal is to help support researchers to deliver reliable and consistent data needed by the global health community to prevent any further spread or emergence of antimalarial resistance. The WWARN Toolkit could help your research by improving the quality of the data you capture. You could also join one of our Study Groups to share your data and become part of an expert group that analyses some of the key factors affecting resistance and antimalarial drug efficacy.

WWARN Toolkit

  • Portfolio of essential tools and services in the design of an antimalarial clinical trial
  • Includes guidance on protocol design, data collection and analysis tools, standard operating procedures, External Quality Assurance programmes and training programmes
  • Promotes high-quality antimalarial efficacy and laboratory testing, allowing researchers to uncover subtle trends or sub-population effects with higher statistical certainty

Highlights from the toolkit

If you have data already – discover more about our Study Groups.