The WWARN External Quality Assurance team are working closely with 60 laboratories from 27 different countries to improve the analysis of antimalarial drug regimens during clinical trials, and in turn, enhancing the overall quality of the research data captured.

The team are working with laboratories in two different ways; they are providing in vitro, pharmacology and drug quality testing laboratories with certified drug reference standards, and designing a proficiency testing programme to help participating pharmacology laboratories improve the quality of their results.

Improving data output:

  • Reference Materials Programme - To ensure the quality of pharmacokinetic data, it is important that laboratories use proper reference standards. WWARN provides you with validated, antimalarial drug reference materials to minimise bias arising from poor quality standards and improve comparability between laboratory data.
  • Proficiency Testing - Designed to help you and your laboratory to assess your ability to carry out drug analysis, resolve any potential problem areas and to improve their results — and in doing so improve the quality of antimalarial  pharmacokinetic data published and shared, including with networks like WWARN.

Get Involved:

Contact the team if you are interested in joining the QA/QC Proficiency Testing Programme or the Reference Materials Programme, email:

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