Gametocytes, the precursors of male and female gametes, are found in malaria parasites after forming in humans. Although gametocytes are not responsible for patient symptoms, they do ensure the transmission of malaria between humans and parasites, thus continuing the cycle of malaria transmission.

The WWARN Gametocyte Carriage Study Group has been created to assess the risk factors associated with gametocyte carriage and clearance.

The goal of this study group is to create a single database, of quality-assured individual patient data, in order to evaluate:

  • Risk factors for gametocyte carriage at enrolment
  • Gametocyte clearance dynamics during follow-up
  • Treatment success and risk of gametocyte carriage

Find out more about the analysis and governance proposal and how you can join this group. For further information, email Georgina Humphreys georgina.humphreys(at)

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