This video seminar describes research to develop a low-cost, field-based test to detect several slow-clearing ACT drug compounds from unprocessed fingerstick blood samples

28th September 2016 • comment

Malaria remains a major global health threat. In the last fifteen years there has been remarkable progress in reducing cases and deaths due to malaria.

14th January 2016 • comment

In this short video, Dr Christian Nsanzabana talks about why he is interested in antimalarial drug resistance and the ways in which WWARN are working to assess if resistance has developed outside of the Mekong region.

16th June 2015 • comment

In this short video, Professor Ganguly talks about what a major health issue malaria was in India in the past. 

16th June 2015 • comment

In this video Prof Philippe Guérin discusses why it’s important to have timely, comprehensive and reliable information if we want to prevent or delay the spread of resistance.

16th June 2015 • comment

In this video, Professor Theonest Mutabingwa discusses the two key challenges that face developing countries to progress their malaria research.

15th June 2015 • comment

Anders Björkman is Professor of Infectious Disease at the Karolinska Institute. In this video, Anders talks about how the efficacy of antimalarials is a major obstacle in the path towards full malaria elimination.

11th June 2015 • comment

CDC researcher discusses the benefits of attending the recent Ring-Stage Survival Assay training, an important tool for tracking antimalarial drug resistance, recently held in Cambodia by Institut Pasteur and WWARN.

27th October 2014 • comment

Our understanding of the extent and nature of resistance in P. vivax parasites is limited. WWARN’s new literature review summarises the global extent of reduced P. vivax susceptibility to the frontline antimalarial chloroquine.

12th September 2014 • comment